International Shadow Day (ISD) 2014 on 12th of February band Keksi and their shadows

During the International Shadow Day (ISD) 2014 on 12th of February band Keksi and at the forefront its leader Muravejs (Aleksandrs Sircovs) together with their „shadows” Anta, Krista and Ģirts…

Anthil 2014 was the best ever

        2nd January traditionally is the date when Keksi invites everybody to a birthday party concert of band’s leader Alexander Syrtsov. As a tradition lot of musicians…

Muravey fascinates kids by stories about musician profession

In scope of career day Muravejs educates pupil of class 3d at Mezciema primary school about musician profession. He told about what is and what is not a ‘potboiler’, showed…

New songs recorded in cooperation with Lolita Novikova and Dainis Dobelnieks

The singer of Ex-band Rebel Lolita Novikova came to Riga with a goal to record her new song “I’m like a puma” in Latvian, Russian and English languages. Next to…

Our saxophonist Tom begins studies in Netherlands

The new school year has begun with changes in life of the band. Saxophonist Tom Anderson has successfully passed the entrance exams for Jazz section of the respected Dutch university…

KEKSI add fun to TV show “The farmer looks for a bride”

Real filming actions on the air – cameras, fluffy microphones, drifting technical personal and as usually smiling show master Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare in the center of all this. The farmers are…

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